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Dry Cleaning



General Apparel

QuikKleen offers same day service on general apparel, unless there is soil treatment required. We have the most advanced equipment and technical expertise to look after your daily wear.

Only trained and experienced drycleaning personnel processes your garments, then we compliment the service with the best possible finishing results.


Whether you want to drop your shirts weekly, your suits occasionally, spruce up your formal wear or ensure your wedding dress looks beautiful forever, you’ll receive unbeatable customer service and impeccable results from QuikKleen.

Got a garment you’re worried about? Drop by and show us and we’ll provide an obligation free quote. Or contact our experts by phone or email.

Discover for yourself:

You can trust us with your most treasured memory.

Stop putting it off, get your leather jacket cleaned today!

We will clean your Wedding Dress as if it were our own !


Sparkling Clean, Stain Free, Fresh and Ready To Go

Your items will be sparkling clean, stain free, fresh and ready to go, within hours if your need is urgent.

No more putting off trips to the dry cleaners…your wardrobe will be full of clean clothes, making your mornings a breeze.

Impressed? Consider using QuikKleen for your delicate, formal or leather items. Same fabulous quality of service, same convenient locations and peace of mind that your valuable garments will return in beautiful condition.


Special Garments

Some Garments Are More Than Just Something To Wear: They’re An Investment, A Statement, A Commitment.

We will clean your Wedding Dress as if it were our own !

Beautiful clothes don’t come cheaply. And to keep them looking as good as the day you fell in love with them, they need to be cared for properly. A beautiful piece is an investment, one you want a good return on, whether it be value for money or the wow factor.

Your wedding dress is one of the most important (and expensive) garments you will ever wear. And you wear it on one of the happiest and most important days of your life. It’s a long day, and often the dress can look a little stained and tired when it’s over. Receive your treasured pieces back quickly, in pristine condition, ready for their next outing, or ready to keep forever.



Your curtains make a huge impact on the look of your windows, make sure they look as good as possible and get the best price for your home.

Allergies? Kids coughing and sneezing? Cleaned the carpets and the lounge and it’s not getting better? Don’t forget the curtains!

Stains? You wouldn’t think it’s possible, but it does happen.
Tired of being reminded of the time your kids had a food fight? Call us now.

Moving out? Make sure you get your bond back. If you’ve been tough on your curtains, QuikKleen makes it easy to be a great tenant.

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